Having worked 14 years for an international law firm, I have decided to leave Moscow by horse and ride halfway home. Having loved riding all my life and having flown between Moscow and London more times than I care to remember, this is a chance for some slow travel to see some of things I have been flying over.

For me, Eastern Europe is one of the most interest parts of what is altogether a very interesting continent. Together with friends and cousins (who will join for different sections of the route), I'll be riding 2,200 km over 3 months and our route will take us through some of the most beautiful, wild and undiscovered scenery that Europe has to offer, including Western Russia, Belarus, Western Ukraine, and Bucovina and Transylvania in Romania.

I was lucky enough to be a guest of the British Paralympic Association at the Paralympic Games in Sochi this year. I was moved more than I can say by the incredible highs achieved the paralympic athletes. It was after this visit, that I decided to use my ride to raise funds for the British Paralympic Association, and the paralympic associations of the countries I will ride through. I am also raising funds for St Andrew's Anglican Church, which has been an important part of my life in Moscow and provides a huge number of services to the people (expat and local) of Moscow. You can find more information on the organisations we are supporting and find out how to donate to them under the heading "Partners". Over GBP raised so far for the British Paralympic Association, and some nice donations for Romania and St Andrew's, Moscow. Very many thanks to all!

Together with all riders, we are very grateful for any support given to the organisations we are supporting, and also to the organisations supporting us. Details of our supporters are available below and in the "Partners" section of this site.

If you'd like to get involved by making a donation or providing support to the team, please contact me at michaelpughnew@gmail.com, Anna Jackson-Stevens at anna@coast-mag.com, or Maria Sarkisova maria.sarkisova@rbcc.com, or just click on Make a Donation.

For more details about me and the other riders participating in this great ride, please see under Riders & Supporters. Some other riders are also raising money for charities they support, such the Heart of Kent, Hospice, for which my cousin Liz is raising money.